Top Tourism and Travel Industry
Conferences to Attend in 2024

Planning to attend travel conferences in 2024? But not sure which one would be worth attending? 
Below are some of the best travel industry events where you can explore opportunities for networking, creating new partnerships, or simply learning what’s happening in the industry.

Digital Travel Summit 2024

Digital Travel Summit 2024, Austin

October 7 & 8, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Austin, TX 

Why attend: The Digital Travel Summit 2024 brings you an opportunity to transform your travel business to cater to the ever-growing needs of modern-day travelers. 

As a travel agent and travel professional you can get expert advice on how to provide hassle-free digital travel using cutting-edge technologies. 

Learn practical insights on improving your online strategies to cater to a wider audience. Partner with technology providers to ensure a better cross-channel experience for your clients. This travel and tourism conference is an excellent platform to learn how to digitalize your services. 

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Arabian Travel Market Show 2024

Arabian Travel Market Show 2024, Dubai

May 6-9, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person, Dubai, UAE

Why attend: Arabian Travel Market (ATM) is a well-known annual conference often attended by tourism professionals from around the world. The 2024 edition is its 31st event. 

It is a four-day event where you can learn about the latest and expected international travel industry market trends and best practices. ATM can help you meet and network with international agencies and reshape your business. 

The key attraction of this 2024 tourism conference is a ‘startup competition’ where the top seven startups will pitch their sustainability solutions to experts and audiences. 

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Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum

Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum, Las Vegas

March 24-27, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person, Las Vegas, Nevada

Why attend: It is open for B2B travel agencies from the US and Canada. During the 4-day program, you will get a chance to participate in enriching educational sessions led by renowned travel leaders. They are experts in helping others take their business to the next level. 

This travel industry event is a great platform to connect with new suppliers and gain insights from industry professionals’ firsthand experiences.

LVTAF hosts small-group presentations where you can showcase your products and destinations. The One-on-One meetings are reserved for Travel Agent SELECT delegates. Register today to see if you are eligible for it. 

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International Luxury Travel Market – Latin America

International Luxury Travel Market, Latin America
May 7-10, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-Person- São Paulo, Brazil

Why attend: The 2024 Latin America ILTM is an ideal industry event catering to both emerging as well as well-established luxury travel and tourism businesses. It serves as a valuable platform to connect and collaborate with luxury travel brands to scale up your business. 

This travel industry conference gives you a chance to engage in direct, face-to-face meetings with industry leaders and luxury travel advisors. 

Use this platform to cultivate positive relationships with luxury travel editors and influencers; amplifying your brand’s reach and authority. 

ILTM events are also open for luxury travel press.  

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International Luxury Travel Market – Asia Pacific

International Luxury Travel Market, Asia Pacific
July 1-4, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Singapore

Why attend: Whether you cater to high-end individuals or handle business travels, this luxury travel trade event will help you find the right partners. Boutique luxurious stays, ultra-cruises, yachts, private islands; you name it… 

At ILTM Asia Pacific 2024, you will get a chance to directly engage with top travel professionals, luxury travel advisors, influencers, press persons, buyers, and others. 

Exhibit your offerings or gain valuable insights about emerging market trends and customer preferences. 

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Luxury Travel Advisors Ultra Summit

Luxury Travel Advisors Ultra Summit
May 8-10, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Florida

Why attend: It is an invitation-only travel industry event. Only pre-qualified luxury travel professionals are invited for one-on-one meetings. A small gathering ensures that you get a chance to showcase your products to people who matter the most to your business. 

The 2024 edition is the 11th ULTRA Summit tourism event, where the organizers expect to have an incredible gathering of world-class luxury global travel brands, advisors, suppliers, affiliate partners, and others. 

To attend this invite-only travel conference of 2024, you can send a supplier inquiry. If you are shortlisted, the organizers will contact you. 

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Adventure Travel World Summit – Panama

Adventure Travel World Summit, Panama
October 7-10, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Panama

Why attend: ATWS focuses specifically on adventure travel. 

Whether you are a travel agent, a tour operator, a sports/adventure gear manufacturer, or an adventure travel writer, the ATWS 2024 trade show is a fantastic platform to increase your brand’s awareness. 

Across four days, this tourism conference promises significant networking opportunities with individuals who can contribute to shaping the future of your business. 

Listen to the industry leaders to gain insights into the latest trends in adventure travel markets. Showcase your offerings and connect with a diverse audience in the adventure travel industry.

This unique event caters to the adventure travel market and encourages the sharing of thought-provoking ideas. 

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World Travel Market – Africa

World Travel Market, Africa
April 10-12, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Cape Town

Why attend: It is one of the largest B2B travel and tourism conferences happening in 2024. The organizers are expecting more than 6000 travel industry professionals to join the mega event to forge profitable business partnerships and enhance their brand’s reputation. 

Get a chance to share your innovative ideas or stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies that can improve customer experiences.  

WTM Africa 2024 has unique speed matchmaking tools to help find the right partners. 

This travel association is suitable for both inbound and outbound African travel markets.  

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World Travel Market – Latin America

World Travel Market, Africa
April 15-17, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Brasil

Why attend: This B2B travel industry event welcomes tourism professionals, accommodation providers, airlines, cruises, travel technology providers, travel writers, influencers, and others. 

Buyers and sellers across the globe are expected to participate in this three-day travel industry event. 

You will get a chance to listen to insights from industry experts and trendsetters. Their valuable perspective can help you stay ahead in business. Seize the opportunity, showcase your products, and you may get instant deals! 

Whether your focus is on business travel or luxury travel, WTM Latin America serves as a fantastic platform to broaden your network and propel your business forward. 

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U.S. Travel Association’s IPW 2024

U.S. Travel Association's IPW 2024
May 3-7, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Los Angele

Why attend: It is an annual inbound travel trade show for travel professionals to share their products and build new partnerships. This travel and tourism show strictly emphasizes promoting the American travel industry to international visitors. 

IPW is an appointment-based travel trade show. 

You can pre-select whom you would like to meet using its online appointment-scheduling system. This helps eliminate any guesswork when you are on the ground. 

IPW claims that it gets nearly 100,000 appointments every year. 

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ITB 2024

ITB 2024

March 5-7, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Berlin

Why attend: It is one of the oldest and largest global travel trade events. The organizers claim that they are expecting more than 10,000 exhibitors and 90,000+ attendees from 180+ countries and regions. 

At ITB Berlin 2024, you can find prospective partners and meet the who’s who of the global travel industry. It gives you a platform where you can directly address your prospects to strengthen your brand’s image. 

Use the floor to close deals or simply discover the latest personal and business travel trends.  

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AdventureELEVATE – North America

AdventureELEVATE - North America
June 11-13, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- North Carolina

Why attend: Organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, AdventureELEVATE is a dynamic three-day travel trade show dedicated to promoting and shaping adventure tourism. 

As a travel executive or a travel writer, you can find a myriad of networking opportunities and business inspirations. 

Engage with keynote speakers, delegates, and potential buyers to discuss and refine new ideas that you may have. Dive into the latest adventure travel industry trends, discover innovative products, and improve your offerings. 

Hosted annually, the ATTA events such as AdventureELEVATE actively promote adventure tourism. They serve as a platform for travel agencies to become a part of the global adventure travel community. 

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FITUR 2024

FITUR 2024
January 24-28, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Madrid

Why attendThis international tourism trade fair serves as a global platform for travel agencies dealing with inbound and outbound markets in Ibero-America. 

Other than travel industry professionals, FITUR is also open to the general public who may be interested in discovering new travel destinations. Ecuador is the Partner Country for its 2024 edition. 

This travel market event is a great platform to showcase your products to a diverse audience, attracting potential partnerships. 

It has specialized areas such as Fitur Cruises, Fitur LGTB+, Fitur Woman, etc. By being a part of them, you can learn the tips and tricks to cater to a specific purpose, community, or cause. 

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GBTA Convention 2024

GBTA Convention 2024
July 22-24, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Atlanta

Why attend: The Global Business Travel Association convention is a travel trade event for industry professionals like travel agents, writers, hospitality providers, suppliers, and more. The event focuses on uncovering innovative solutions to tackle the challenges faced by the global travel industry. 

Participating in GBTA 2024 promises an invaluable experience for tourism professionals. Stay ahead of the competitors by having access to the latest tourism industry outlook. Learn about best practices and explore emerging technologies that can elevate your services. 

The training sessions conducted by tourism industry experts are quite insightful for travel agents aiming to cater to a global audience. 

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TravelTech Show

GBTA Convention 2024
June 19-20, 2024 | Website  
Location: In-person- London

Why attend: This is one of the best digital travel conferences that focuses on introducing cutting-edge technology to redefine the landscape of the travel industry. The 2023 event was attended by 5000 people and featured 30 conference sessions.  

If you are a buyer of technology, you can get complimentary access to the show. Tech sellers can participate by exhibiting or obtaining passes. 

TravelTech Show 2024 offers a unique opportunity to engage with 750 qualified tech buyers. Most of them would be decision-makers, giving you a chance to secure instant deals. 

Maximize your time by pre-scheduling one-on-one appointments using their unique ‘ LinkedIn-style appointment and networking tool’. 

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Women’s Travel Fest

Women’s Travel Fest
February 16-19, 2024 | Website 
Location: In-person- Mexico

Why attend: This one-of-its-kind travel and tourism conference is just for women who love traveling or are into the business of travel. The organizers believe their events equip women with the tools they need to confidently travel wherever they want. 

The 2024 edition of Women’s Travel Fest is expected to have 30 female speakers. Listen to their travel stories, polish your skills, or network with like-minded women. 

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Wrap up

After experiencing a substantial downturn during the pandemic, the travel business is expected to see an accelerated rebound

With demand on the rise, you must expand your reach, establish strategic partnerships, and provide unmatched services. These travel conferences are great places to keep up with the trends so you stay ahead of the competition. Register today!